About Penn Highlands Healthcare

Penn Highlands Healthcare provides residents with access to the region's best hospitals, physicians, nursing home, home health agencies, medical supply companies and other affiliates who believe that healthcare should be managed by local board members who live and work in the communities they serve.

By combining the best services from Brookville Hospital, Clearfield Hospital, DuBois Regional Medical Center and Elk Regional Health Center, Penn Highlands strives to provide exceptional quality, safety and service. These facilities are now known as Penn Highlands Brookville, Penn Highlands Clearfield, Penn Highlands DuBois and Penn Highlands Elk.

Each facility is the largest employer in its hometown and is rooted deeply in the both the popular and economic culture of their communities. The vision is to be an integrated health care delivery system that provides premier care with a personal touch, no matter where one lives in the region.

The physicians are listed together on the website so that everyone can find the appropriate physician for their health care needs, no matter where they live in the region. Many quality services are available in or near every community but additional advanced services may also be available at one of the affiliates. That's one of the greatest strengths of Penn Highlands Healthcare.

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Established: October 1, 2011
Corporate Offices: DuBois, Pennsylvania

Penn Highlands Brookville
Penn Highlands Clearfield
Penn Highlands DuBois
Penn Highlands Elk

Home Health Agencies
Penn Highlands Brookville-New Bethlehem Home Health Care
Penn Highlands Clearfield Home Health and Hospice
Penn Highlands DuBois Home Health and Hospice
Community Nurses, Inc. of Penn Highlands Elk

Cancer Treatment Center
Hahne Regional Cancer Center
Nathaniel D. Yingling Cancer Center

Surgical Center
Penn Highlands DuBois Surgery Center
Penn Highlands Elk  Surgery Center

Walk-In Urgent Care Centers

QCare Cameron County
QCare DuBois 
QCare Moshannon Valley
QCare Punxsutawney    
QCare Ridgway 
QCare St. Marys  
The Clinic at Walmart (DuBois)

Long-Term Care Facility
Penn Highlands Elk Pinecrest Manor

Senior Residential Living Facility
ELCO Housing, Inc./Elco Glen


3,605 Employees

378 Hospital Beds

138 Long-term Care Beds

363 Physicians

130 Advanced Practice Providers  
(as of April 2015) 

410,000 Residents
( In the Eight County Service Area)

8,250 square miles
110 miles tall

(from the Northern tip to the Southern tip of the market)

75 miles wide

(from the Eastern tip to the Western tip of the market)

Over $450 million
Annual Net Revenue



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