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Join other women in your community as they celebrate healthy living! Penn Highlands Healthcare is the region's exclusive member of Spirit of Women!

Get Inspired to live healthier!

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What is Spirit of Women?

Spirit of Women is a national network of leading hospitals dedicated to improving women's lives with innovative health and community programs. Spirit of Women hospitals touch the lives of millions of women each year through the presentation of educational events, consumer membership programs, annual conferences and grassroots efforts to improve the health and well-being of women everywhere. The initiative enables participating hospitals to focus on community needs while providing the strength of national support.

Our Goal

The goal of Spirit of Women is to help women improve their families' and their own health through innovative community outreach education in critical areas such as cardiac disease, osteoporosis, breast health, cancer, sleep health, menopause, incontinence, diabetes, healthy pregnancy, and much more.

Spirit of Women hospitals are committed to helping women and their families take action that results in better health. Rather than simply promoting "women's health," Spirit of Women focuses on promoting health and healthy lifestyles to women, which is in sync with the mission and vision of our health system.

  • Timely Health Information

    The Spirit of Women program makes it easier to stay informed on the preventative health measures you should be taking at every stage in life, whether you're in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s!

  • Exclusive Events

    Each year programs are customized to meet the needs of today's women and their families, providing health education events and health screenings. Sign up for personal invitations to fun events that celebrate being a woman, including Day of Dance and Girls' Night Out.

  • Local Discounts

    Get members-only discounts from your favorite local shops and vendors just by signing up for a FREE membership.

Want to have the “Spirit?”

 Join online on our Spirit of Women website! It's FREE!

You can also call us at (814) 371-WOMN (9666) and we'll send you the application through the mail.


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