Centers for Excellence

Our hospital boasts seven centers of excellence. We're constantly improving our processes, technologies and facility to provide you with exceptional quality care. We consistently rank above the national average for patient care and satisfaction.

The Heart Center

State-of-the-art diagnostic and advanced, life-saving procedures are performed here, with two operating rooms, 12 ICU rooms and a variety of cardiac specialty areas.

The Hahne Cancer Center

In addition to radiation and chemotherapy, Hahne Regional Cancer Center provides comprehensive personal and emotional care for cancer patients.

Behavioral Health Center

We provide both inpatient and outpatient services for patients of all ages suffering from mental health issues,  from basic counseling to advanced psychiatric and medical support.

The Rehabilitation Center

The therapy departments provide support for patients recovering from surgery, injury or other conditions, with specialized feeding and wheel chair clinics.

The Women's Health Center

Traditional preventative care and health screenings for women are available in one place, in addition to maternity, bone density testing and a NICU.

Joint Replacement Center

Our team of surgeons, therapists and technicians provide total hip, knee and shoulder replacement, as well as partial knee replacement.

The Lung Center

Treating sleep disorders, asthma, lung cancer and other lung or breathing issues, the Center provides advanced and interventional pulmonary support.

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