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When a loved one is terminally ill, the family often feels frustrated and helpless. Through Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice, families and loved ones work alongside a team of qualified professionals to provide the care, love and attention that are so very important.

All hospice activities are supervised by the hospice medical director--a physician who understands the nature of the illness and serves as a consultant for pain, symptom management and care plan development. The interdisciplinary plan of care is carried out by a team of specially trained hospice professionals and volunteers who visit the home. Registered nurses assess the needs of the patient and coordinate care. The nurse provides instruction and support to the patient and family in all areas of patient care.

Also, a variety of professionals are available to assist in every possible way. Social workers provide a link to community outreach service. Pastoral counselors offer spiritual and emotional support. Personal care aides help with day-to-day activities such as bathing, grooming and light homemaking.

Other professionals are available whenever the need arises, and trained hospice volunteers work hand-in-hand to provide the maximum amount of support and care for the patient and family.

The PH DuBois Hospice staff is sensitive to the needs of both patient and family and will provide for short-term hospital admission if necessary. Because every case is different, the care plan is reviewed regularly, and any necessary changes are made by the Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice staff. The hospice nursing staff is available 24 hours every day to provide necessary care and reassurance.

Hospice cares for the family.

Since Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice program is centered on caring, not curing, there is no limit to the comfort that hospice can provide. By working with your hospice team, you will learn the best way to keep your loved one alert and active, if possible, as well as realized and comfortable.

Keeping the patient free from pain is always a primary concern. A Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice nurse collaborates with the hospice medical director and the patientís physician to assure the use of appropriate medicines and educate the family on various aspects of pain management.

Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice makes available the necessary supplies, equipment and drugs, as prescribed by the patient's physician.

The Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice team continues to offer support after the death of a loved one. Through a special bereavement program, professionals and volunteers are available to help the family throughout the grieving process.

Can Hospice make a difference for you?

Penn Highlands DuBois certified hospice program has been reaching out to terminally ill patients and their families since 1991. Since then, it has helped many families appreciate the riches of life and cope with the eventuality of death.

Penn Highlands DuBois  Hospice services are available to all individuals with a limited life expectancy without regard to age, race, religious creed, national origin, handicap or ability to pay. In order to be accepted into the Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice program, the patient must live within an approximate 35 to 50 mile radius of Penn Highlands DuBois Hospital  and be under the care of a physician.

Most insurance plans cover hospice care. Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice is a Medicare-certified program providing benefits to Medicare Part A participants. Medical assistance also provides coverage for DRMC Hospice care.

For more information, please call (814) 375-3300. A Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice representative will be happy to describe the hospice program in detail and answer any questions you may have regarding your particular situation.

Why Hospice care can make a difference.

Hospice has always been associated with special care. Hundreds of years ago, a hospice was a place where travelers, as well as the sick, could go to receive individualized care for their bodies, minds and souls. Today, the hospice program at Penn Highlands DuBois provides comprehensive home care designed to meet the physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients and their families.

The primary goal of Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice is to enhance the quality of life for a terminally ill person and to help the family throughout the loss of a loved one. Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice is a home care service that allows patients to remain in a familiar, loving environment and have the opportunity to spend his or her final days in comfort, dignity and peace.

Other special services of Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice:

  • Community training programs
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Support groups
  • 24-hour on-call service
  • Bereavement program
  • Memorial services
  • Hospice Medicare/Medicaid benefits*
  • Volunteers

    *Includes supplies, equipment, prescribed drugs.

Please call to discuss how Penn Highlands DuBois Hospice can help you: (814) 375-3300 24 hours a day.


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