Wireless Internet

Patients and visitors may use their personal Wi-Fi enabled devices to access Penn Highlands Elk’s wireless connection in all patient and waiting rooms.

Cellphones and Wi-Fi capable devices are subject to our Terms of Use and privacy policy. Use of your devices will be prohibited if found to interfere with hospital medical equipment. Patients may not use audible alarms or Web cams. Headphone use is required for viewing sound-enabled websites such as YouTube.

How to Connect

To connect to Elk Regional's Wi-Fi, please use the following walk-through:

  1. Select your wireless connection icon. The icon may vary on some computers, but when you mouse over it should say "Wireless Internet Connection."

  2. Double click the icon.

  3. A window should appear and you will see a connection called "ERHS_Guest." Click the Connect button.

  4. A warning window may pop up when you're trying to connect. This warning is making you aware that you are not connecting to an encrypted network. If you would like to send confidential information over the Internet, you will need to use your own encryption software. Click "Connect Anyway" to continue connecting.

  5. While waiting to connect, your computer may tell you that it is attempting to acquire a network address. Please be patient, as this can sometimes take a few moments.

  6. When your computer tells you that you're "connected," you can click the red X to close the window and return to your desktop.

  7. You may now open your Internet browser. Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari.

  8. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may receive a Security Alert pop-up window. This warning is making you aware that you are not connecting to an encrypted network. Click "Yes" to continue.

  9. When you have successfully connected to Elk Regional's Wi-Fi, you will be taken to a welcome screen. You must read and accept the Terms of Service in order to continue. Once you click "Accept," you will be able to surf the Internet using Elk Regional's Wi-Fi.
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