Orthopedic Services

Penn Highlands Healthcare provides both non-surgical and surgical treatments for people with athletic injuries, conditions, pain or needing joint replacement. Our surgeons, therapists and other team members have the latest techniques, medications and capabilities to provide you with the best care available and get you moving again. We specialize in knee, hip and shoulder replacements. In addition, we collaborate with physical therapists and other rehabilitation specialists to develop individualized strengthening exercises and care plans. 

Locations for Orthopedic Services

Penn Highlands Healthcare orthopedic services will vary from hospital to hospital. 

Penn Highlands Clearfield
Mark A. Nartatez, DO, (814) 342-2740
Rodolfo Polintan, MD, FACS (non-surgical orthopedics), (814) 765-8590
Penn Highlands DuBois
University Orthopedics Center, 1-800-505-2101
Keith L. Zeliger, DO, (814) 299-7432 

Penn Highlands Elk
Ted Eshbach, MD, (814) 834-1686
Naveen Singanamala, MD, (814) 788-8188

Locations for The Rehabilitation Centers

With rehabilitation facilities located through out the health system, you're sure to find the one that's right for you. See Locations.
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