Women's Health Services

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Penn Highlands Healthcare brings many of the traditional women's health services together to provide comprehensive care and education for its patients. From maternity and bone density testing to mammograms, our women's health centers have the latest diagnostics and equipment.

Women's Services Locations

The Women's Health Services available at each hospital within our health system vary. Find more information about the services nearest you by clicking on a location below.

Penn Highlands Brookville        

Penn Highlands Clearfield   

Penn Highlands DuBois      

Penn highlands Elk

Penn Highlands Healthcare is also pleased to bring 3-D Mammography to the women of our area.

We are currently performing 3-D mammograms at Penn Highlands DuBois. 3-D mammograms will be available at Penn Highlands Elk in August 2017.  

The Moshannon Valley Community Medical Building in Philipsburg will be the site of the next installation,  coming in Fall 2017.  

The 3-D mammogram uses X-ray imaging, and the procedure feels essentially the same for the patient as the traditional 2-D mammogram.  The difference is the image clarity for the radiologist who reads the mammogram.  Whereas 2-D mammograms give views only from the front and side of the breast, 3-D mammograms provide images of the breast in “slices” from many different angles.  

“This technology is especially beneficial for women with dense breast tissue,” explained Dr. Kelley Smith, D.O., surgeon at Penn Highlands DuBois.  “Women at a higher risk for developing breast cancer may also benefit from 3-D mammography.”

Penn Highlands Healthcare – along with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American College of Surgeons – advises women to have a mammogram every 12 months.  This is the best way to catch an abnormality when it is small enough to be treated. 

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