2020 Annual Giving Campaign


Working together with our communities to make a better world!

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Dear Friends of Penn Highlands Healthcare,

We can all agree, this certainly has been an unprecedented year—but perhaps you, like us, feel especially unified with those around you.  As we look to the future, we know your needs are changing. Healthcare is evolving, and we have a significant role to play in ensuring our region’s good health. At Penn Highlands Healthcare, we are working with our communities to make a better world

We are excited to share the following powerful stories with you!

Since 2015, Penn Highlands Healthcare has been involved in several grant programs to combat the opioid overdose crisis in our area. These grants have also allowed us to staff a Drug and Alcohol case manager in the DuBois and Elk Emergency Department, providing real-time assistance with drug and alcohol counseling and placement into detox centers. Recently, the Sandy Township Police Department, along with help from DuBois EMS, revived two individuals with the use of Narcan.  At the time of police arrival, they were not breathing. Both are alive today thanks to the ability to have this life-saving medication in their patrol cars at all times. 

“It’s worth its weight in gold to be able to save lives. We have the ability to administer this reversal medication, counteracting opioids in the system of someone who may not otherwise live.” –Sandy Township Police Chief, Kris Kruzelak

After being involved in a life-changing accident in 2011 that led to his becoming a quadriplegic, St. Marys resident Zac Wolfe turned to the professionals at the PH Elk Rehabilitation Center to get stronger and recover from his C5-C6 spinal cord injury. Now a blogger who inspires members of the disabled community—and all of us—by participating in athletic and outdoor activities, Zac is a true example of how mental toughness combined with perseverance and quality local physical therapy can strengthen a patient’s outlook on life.

“After battling constant thoughts of doubt, I realized I needed to figure out a way to continue to do the things I love. When it comes down to it, therapy is the most important step in recovery. Therefore, when my stay at an inpatient facility was coming to an end and after much research, I selected Penn Highlands Elk as my outpatient rehab facility.”–Penn Highlands Elk Patient, Zac Wolfe

Wolfe continues: “The staff at Penn Highlands Elk rehab believed in me and went above and beyond to push me each day to work toward my goal of gaining my independence back. One prominent memory that was life-changing for me was the day one of my physical therapists said to me, ‘We are going to try to take a few steps today.’  The therapist grabbed knee immobilizer braces and strapped them onto my legs, and after a few months, I was walking in those braces down the hall! The team of therapists at Penn Highlands believe in a person’s inner strength and determination and want to see their patients succeed. Penn Highlands should be your number one choice! Small community, with big hearted therapists!”

As we enter the season of giving and reflect on the year behind us, our mission at Penn Highlands Healthcare will not go on pause. Donations like yours, will help this priceless work continue, to make a better world. With you as our donor, Penn Highlands Healthcare will continue to touch more lives as this year comes to a close and a new one begins.

We warmly invite you to participate in our Annual Giving Campaign.

Stay tuned for full testimonials from Zak, Kris and more, in future communications this giving season!

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