Annual Giving Campaign 2019

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Dear Friends,

There’s a lot that’s unique about our hometown communities, where  family, work ethic, love of our landscapes, and shared passions and goals unite us. To folks who experience this area for the first time, what may set us farthest apart from so many other places is that here, we take good care of each other.  These days, that’s not found just anywhere.

Rural communities have long struggled to maintain access to quality health care. But at Penn Highlands Healthcare, we are proud to bring you the same quality healthcare found in urban areas.  We continually strive to be at the cutting edge of medical technology.  We are committed to employing the best physicians and specialists in the country. When you come to any Penn Highlands Healthcare facility, you are cared for by the finest doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians and staff, all dedicated to your care.  

Charitable donations have helped make Penn Highlands Healthcare what we are today – a thriving, independent healthcare system dedicated to you and your loved ones. We count on your continued support though our annual giving campaign each and every year. Please consider making a gift today to one or more of our hospitals. Your gift will help us care for our patients – whether they face an urgent need, a devastating illness or seek to improve their overall health. Your generosity will help and be appreciated by all of us and most importantly, by our patients.  

Always with the best interest of our patients in mind, we provide quality medical services regardless of an individual’s ability to pay or source of payment. In fiscal year 2019, we provided over seven million dollars in  charity care to our patients in need. In addition, we provide activities and programs that support our communities. These activities include wellness programs, community education programs and specialty programs for the elderly, medically underserved and various community support groups.

Now more than ever, the world needs communities with timeless values and virtues like ours to grow, thrive and look to the future. Ensuring we’ll be here to foster the vision together can only begin with a shared  commitment to excellent health, with the guarantee that we can access quality healthcare locally.

As we continue to grow, one thing remains the same, and always will. We are here for each and every one of you when you need us – providing hope and healing for you, your loved ones, for every person in our communities. 

With Gratitude,
From all of us at Penn Highlands Healthcare


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Penn Highlands Healthcare is a 501c(3) charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service

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