Emergency Department / Patient Tower

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  Emergency Department/Patient Tower Fact Sheet

By 2021, Penn Highlands Healthcare is poised to create a Level III trauma center for the benefit of patients in the region. 

With a lack of trauma-accredited hospitals between Erie and Altoona, many patients must be transferred out of the system based on protocols and regulatory requirements. These transfers can create hardships and emotional strain on the family members. To be accredited as a Level III trauma center, we must first grow our Emergency Department. 

The new Emergency Department/Patient Tower will have five floors and a basement. It will feature: 

  • 30 Emergency Department bays compared to the current 19
  • A 12-bed Observation and Clinical Decision Unit dedicated for patients who do not meet admission criteria but who may not be ready to be sent home as well as for patients transported from other facilities and awaiting bed placement
  • A four-bay “Vertical Care” area used for fast-tracking patients who have ailments that can be treated quickly and released, many within an hour
  • Two large trauma rooms that can be divided in half to create more space

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