Hospital Renovations

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  Hospital Renovations Fact Sheet

The Emergency Department of Penn Highlands Clearfield is used by approximately 18,000 patients per year from a large radius around the greater Clearfield and Moshannon Valley region. This busy department hasn’t been updated in many years, and the updates will reflect our commitment to provide exceptional care to our patients.

To accommodate this important service, the Emergency Department will be relocated from the ground floor to the first floor. This move will make use of existing space previously used for patient care.  

Entrance to the new ED will be directly off Turnpike Avenue next to the hospital’s already existing main entrance which will be updated along with the lobby and cafeteria.  A new ambulance bay and canopy will be added, too. This will make all entry easier for patients, emergency personnel and families.

The ED will have a more efficient flow with three triage rooms, ten treatment rooms, two isolation rooms and a secured holding area.  The ED will have its own registration area, too.

Outpatient services and its registration area will also be enhanced.