PHH/KTH Architects Golf Classic

The Penn Highlands Healthcare/KTH Architects Golf Classic has been canceled for 2020. 

 Join our efforts by supporting the PHH Strong Campaign

Through all the confusion and uncertainty of COVID-19, we have found one common bond that has held us all together. The focus and support of our healthcare heroes. It is important now, more than ever, to keep this momentum and focus moving forward!    

Now that we can get back to healthcare, safety and security remain at the top of mind for our healthcare heroes and patients.  We understand that our heroes and patients are you, your family members and friends and that they are of the upmost importance!  Therefore, we are launching our PHH Strong Campaign and ask that you channel your passion and willingness to help our Heroes and patients through donations so that we can continue generating resources so that the system may apply them towards innovative and necessary healthcare supplies and PPE. We can’t stop here, there is still much work to be done, please join us in this effort!

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