Bariatric Support Group

Despite its many advantages, weight loss surgery may bring about challenging times in your life and there might be times when you need encouragement and advice from people who have been in your shoes. This is why Penn Highlands Mon Valley offers a Bariatric Support Group.

Some common reasons people have or will have bariatric surgery choose to get help from a support group instead of friends and family may include:

  • Fear before surgery
  • Questions about the future
  • Temptations and how to overcome them
  • Impatience or frustration regarding how quickly the weight is coming off
  • Learning how to interact with the world in a new body
  • Overcoming depression relating to a diet and changes to existing relationships (both in and out of the home)
    Diet and recipe tips
  • Personal and professional relationship advice

The support group activities are designed to reinforce key principles of success and help participants learn concepts that are sometimes difficult to grasp.

Professionals such as dietitians, psychologists and fitness instructors may be invited to speak. Other presenters may discuss topics such as grooming, dating and cooking. The sessions are designed to educate, inform and provide a well-rounded foundation of knowledge for long-term success.

The ultimate purpose of the support group is to help participants achieve and maintain their goal weights in a way that is as physically and mentally healthy as possible.

Bariatric Support Group Flyer

PHMV 2023 Bariatric Support Group informative flyer