Brookville CT

Penn Highlands Brookville Installs New Diagnostic Equipment

Penn Highlands Healthcare has made a commitment to high quality care. That is why Penn Highlands Brookville is proud to announce the addition of new diagnostic equipment to its imaging department.

Designed to optimize patient comfort and maximize image quality, a new 64-slice CT scanner was installed last month. Work on a new suite to house the equipment began last fall. The suite is located within the hospital’s imaging department and will be more easily accessible to patients and the radiology staff.

The new scanner, the Optima 660, is manufactured by GE. It produces images of a higher quality with a smaller dose of radiation than the scanner previously being used in Brookville. CT (computerized tomography) works like traditional X-ray technology. It photographs bone but is more ideal than X-rays for capturing images of soft tissues, such as organs and blood vessels. The scanner takes cross-sectional pictures sort of like slices from a loaf of bread. The physician can look at each slice individually or reformat them to gain a three-dimensional view. The images are saved to a computer electronically and can be easily shared between clinicians.

The imaging department at Penn Highlands Brookville also upgraded its ultrasound technology with the purchase of a GE Logiq S8 Ultrasound Machine last October. Ultrasound is used for imaging of the abdomen, musculoskeletal system, breast, heart and vascular system. The new equipment allows the technician to pull images of a previous exam up on the monitor and compare them with the current images for optimal diagnosis.

Penn Highlands Brookville, an affiliate of the Penn Highlands Healthcare system, is committed to proving quality care in the heart of your community.