Departure Lounge at PH DuBois

July 06, 2017 | Penn Highlands DuBois

Sometimes, a patient discharged at the hospital must wait for a ride. There are many reasons why that can happen, and Penn Highlands DuBois understands that.

But PH DuBois also knows that when a discharged patient waits, another patient may be waiting in the Emergency Department for that room. 

In June, PH DuBois has opened the Departure Lounge on the second floor of PH DuBois West, according to Rose Campbell, vice president and chief nursing officer of Penn Highlands DuBois and chief nursing officer of Penn Highlands Healthcare.

The Departure Lounge is a designated area that will provide a safe place for appropriate discharged patients to wait for arranged transportation.

It will be open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and staffed by a hospital volunteer.  The Departure Lounge will be used for patients who have been discharged to home or independent living, but transportation from the hospital is not available for greater than 30 minutes from the time the discharge instructions have been given to the patient.

The patients must be 18 years of age or older and no longer needs any nursing care. The patient must be able to walk with minimal assistance and able to take his or her own medications

Those who are acutely ill, waiting to go to another facility, are in isolation while here or are confused, immobile or combative will continue to stay in their rooms. Children, newborns and new mothers will also stay in their rooms until transportation arrives.

While people are waiting, they can relax and watch TV, read, do a puzzle or chat. Drinks, snacks and meals will be provided. 

“I am pleased we are able to offer this service to the patients we care for and their families,” Campbell said. “We hope that patients find it a comfortable spot while waiting.”