PH DuBois Honors Volunteers

May 06, 2015

Regina Pappert, a volunteer who reached 4,500 hours, receiving her milestone pin from Todd Stoltz, vice chairman of the PH DuBois Board of Directors.

DuBOIS – The Penn Highlands DuBois Annual Volunteer Appreciation/Awards Luncheon was held on April 17 at PH DuBois West.

“These volunteers, with the sharing of their time and talents, make a real difference aiding our ability to meet the needs of patients and their families,” said Robert J. McKee, Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer for Penn Highlands Healthcare. “We are very fortunate to have their dedicated service.” 

“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others,” said Kris Swope, volunteer coordinator at PH DuBois said quoting an anonymous writer. “In 2014, volunteers generously gave 23,082 hours in the service of the patients and families at Penn Highlands DuBois. The hospital expresses its heartfelt gratitude for all the work the volunteers do!”
And volunteers at PH DuBois do a variety of things. They greet visitors, stuff envelopes, help with office projects, visit PH DuBois Hospice patients, work on fundraisers, offer spiritual guidance and are Catholic Eucharistic ministers. 

Those who reached milestones in the volunteering career received pins. They were:
100 Hours: Virginia Brown, Sr. Joan Cameroni, Jennifer Chamberlin, Jeannine Crummy-Fye, Joanne Dowling, Jason Gray, Thomas Hart, Jamie Houston, Cindy Nicolls, Sheila Olosky, Sr. Margaret Park, Harriet Pearce, Bonnie Pittsley, Rachel Rogers, Janice Salada, Sara Sidelinger, Audrey Smith, Bonnie Smith, Sue Streator, Cheryl Sutika, Sr. Patricia Tyler and Jim Watkins;

300 Hours: Mary Akers, LaMarr Adamson, Lois Augenbaugh, Kathy Bowser, Shirley Cable, Leslie Crawford, Alice Day, Paula DuBois, Faye Hammer, Marion Hannawell, Herman Jackson, Ginny Libby, Ira Minor, David Rippy, Sally Spicher, Pat Stewart, Mary Stuby and Mary Wright;

500 Hours: Sarah Burns, Rheva Chapman, Barb Colberg, Earle Farwell, Kathe Ginther, Marsha Gustafson, Jane Marasco, Janie Marchioli, Robert Rosman, Loretta Walk, Elaine Weichman, Karen Yanek, Mary Joan Yargar and Marlene Zell;

1000 Hours: Dona Bean, Carolyn Heltman, Marie Kessler, Nancy McNaughton, Janice Mitchell and Lois Monella;

1500 Hours: Dorothy McCracken, Terry Swope and Paul Zortman;

2000 Hours: Pat Kalgren, Sylvia Liedl, Judy Smith and Madelyn Tomasura;

2500 Hours: Becky Elnitsky and Nancy Trezise;

3500 Hours: Sandy Courtright;

4000 Hours: Thomas Shimshock;

4500 Hours: Regina Pappert;

5000 Hours: Barb Woods;

5000+ Hours: Barbara Peterson.