PH DuBois Honors Volunteers

April 25, 2016


“Celebrate Service” was the theme for National Volunteer Week, April 10-16, and Penn Highlands DuBois captured the meaning of this signature week by honoring the people who dedicate themselves to helping others with a volunteer luncheon on Friday, April 15, at the hospital’s Central Resource Center.

“Our Penn Highlands volunteers provide valuable assistance to the hospital staff, our patients and their families,” Kris Swope, volunteer coordinator at Penn Highlands DuBois, said. “They are an integral part of our efforts to make our hospital a friendly and welcoming environment. They provide information, directions, comfort and assistance to our patients and visitors. They are priceless.”

“The Administration and Board of Directors understand the role that our volunteers have played in our success. So thank you for everything that you do for Penn Highlands Healthcare,” John Sutika, president of PH DuBois, said. “In light of all of the challenges that healthcare facilities face today, it’s been a successful year for Penn Highlands DuBois, and it couldn’t have been done without your help.”

Altogether, the volunteers at PH DuBois logged in 21,476 hours this past year, Swope said. Volunteers provide services in almost every area of the hospital and are also involved in special programs, such as Hospice, Pastoral Care and the PH DuBois Auxiliary.

Those who reached milestones in their volunteering careers received pins. They were:
100 Hours : Jill Bowley, Cheryl Connor, Diane Endress, Deb Grieve, Lucille Loomis, Val Marteney, Lura Miller, Susan Smith and Greg Wachob;
300 Hours: Kathleen Bender, Helen Eckels, Janet Hicks, Sheila Olosky, Bonnie Pittsley, George Reilly, Audrey Smith, Bob Spicher, Cheryl Sutika, Doris Weeks and Kay Yeager;
500 Hours: Alice Day, Marcia Fleck, Faye Hammer, Judy Hand, Marie Hanlon, Marion Hannawell, Bud Jackson, Kim Love, Sue Mc Elroy, Janet Shobert, Sally Spicher and Pat Stewart;
1000 Hours: Robin Cameron, Earle Farwell, Nellie Longo, Margaret Pifer and Dave Rippy;
1500 Hours : Mary Ball, Dona Bean, Olga Chiodo, Marianne Konior and Lois Monella;
2000 Hours: Paul Zortman;
2500 Hours: Pat Kalgren, Judy Smith, Peggy Snyder and Terry Swope;
3000 Hours: Becky Elnitsky;
4000 Hours: Janet Styche;
4500 Hours:Regina Pappert;
5000+ Hours: Barb Woods, Pat Kulbatsky, Dianne Minns, Barbara Peterson, Jane Pifer, Kitty Sample and Claudia Shaffer.