Volunteers Honored At PH DuBois

May 17, 2017

Penn Highlands DuBois recognized its loyal volunteers during Volunteer Week, the last week of April, with a luncheon hosted in the Central Resource Center at PH DuBois West.

“Our Penn Highlands volunteers provide valuable assistance to the hospital staff, our patients and their families,” Kris Swope, volunteer coordinator at Penn Highlands DuBois, said. “They are an integral part of our efforts to make our hospital a friendly and welcoming environment. They provide information, directions, comfort and assistance to our patients and visitors. They are priceless.”

“Every day, our volunteers make a difference in the lives of many. They give selflessly and from the heart,” John Sutika, president of PH DuBois, said. “The Administration and Board of Directors appreciate all of our volunteers and what they bring to our organization.”

Altogether, the volunteers at PH DuBois logged in 22,390 hours this past year, Swope said. Volunteers provide services in almost every area of the hospital and are also involved in special programs, such as Hospice, Pastoral Care and the PH DuBois Auxiliary.
Those who reached milestones in their volunteering careers received pins. They were:

100 Hours: Joanna Crawford, Jenny DeVallance, Dana Eldridge, Barb Fawns, Dale Himes, Betts Hrin, Clark Husted, Sandy McGuire, Trudy McNeal, Toni Moulthrop, Ben Palumbo, Phil Philp, Letty Ramsey, Mary Ann Saporito, Ruth Spangler, Diane Spradling, Gail Thompson and John Yargar;

300 Hours: Jill Bowley, Diane Endress, Lucille Loomis, Cindy Nichols, Janice Salada, Susan Smith, Sue Streator, Denise Thunberg, Sr. Patricia Tyler, Greg Wachob, Jim Watkins and Sherry White;

500 Hours: Lamarr Adamson, Kathy Bowser, Paula DuBois, Ira Minor, Sheila Olosky, Bonnie Pittsley and Mary Wright;

1000 Hours: Nancy Kline;

1500 Hours: Carolyn Heltman, Joan Lewis and Janice Mitchell;

2000 Hours: Mary Ball and Dorothy McCracken;
2500 Hours: Paul Zortman;

3000 Hours: Pat Armstrong-Kalgren, Lorraine Monikowski, Terry Swope and Nancy Trezise;

3500 Hours: Becky Elnitsky and Beecher Klingensmith;

4500 Hours: Janet Styche;

5000+ hours: Pat Kulbatsky, Dianne Minns, Barbara Peterson, Jane Pifer, Kitty Sample, Claudia Shaffer and Barb Woods.

Anyone interested in being a volunteer at PH DuBois can call Swope at 814-375-2316.