quarter 3 milestone lunch

Penn Highlands Elk Recognizes Employees

The administration of Penn Highlands Elk recently hosted a luncheon to celebrate employees who have reached milestone anniversaries in their careers. There were 30 employees in the group. A third of the group was celebrating 20 or more years working at the hospital.

Three were celebrating 35 years: Karen Gasbari (Center Supply Services), Jacqueline Breakey (Materials Management), and Sandra Schneider (Pinecrest Manor Nutritional Services). Another three celebrated 30 years: Gail Dezanet (Registration), Lori Gregori (Med/Surg Nurse), and Kathleen Raspatello (Health Information Management).

“Penn Highlands Elk is only as good as the people who work here,” said Rose Campbell, president. “We are fortunate to have many employees who have dedicated their lives to taking care of their friends and family in Elk County. It really is our staff that makes us a special place.”