Penn Highlands Elk Surgery Center

PH Elk Surgery Center Earns Re-Accreditation

The Penn Highlands Elk Surgery Center was recently surveyed by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and has earned a three-year accreditation. This means the surgery center has passed a series of rigorous and nationally-recognized standards for the provision of quality care.

“This is an achievement greater than required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health,” explained Kathy Wortman, Clinical Director of the Surgery Center. “Not all ambulatory health centers seek accreditation, and not all that do will be granted accreditation.”

“Your AAAHC accreditation is a significant achievement,” said Dr. Stephen Martin, president of the AAAHC. “The dedication and effort required is substantial, and I commend your staff for this approach to high-quality patient care and business practices.”

The surgery center, located on Bucktail Road in St. Marys, opened its doors in May of 2002. The state-of-the-art facility offers patients convenient parking and easy accessibility. Patients and their families enjoy the stream-lined approach that allows patients to get their procedures done in the shortest amount of time.

“Medical innovation has made more procedures suitable for the ambulatory surgical setting,” said Wortman. “We can do many procedures with very small – or even no – incisions and less sedation. That leads to a shorter recovery time.”

Several surgeons and specialists perform procedures at the surgery center.
Firas Ali, DMD, oral & maxillofacial surgeon
Brett Karlik, MD, ophthalmologist
Ryan Rice, MD, plastic & reconstructive surgeon
Jeffery Rice, DMD, oral & maxillofacial surgeon
Narayana Subramany, MD, general & vascular surgeon
Shanti Raju, MD, anesthesiologist & interventional pain specialist
Procedures range from carpal tunnel and cataract to varicose veins and vasectomies.

Just recently Dr. Ryan Rice began doing breast augmentations at the surgery center. The facility provides a more private environment for patients while still adhering to all the quality clinical standards of a traditional hospital setting.