Penn Highlands Healthcare Celebrates National Donate Life Month

Have you ever met anyone who has had an organ transplant? They have two birthdays — the day they were born and the day they received their transplant. April is National Donate Life Month and each one of us can help someone have their second birthday.

Penn Highlands Healthcare is pleased to join the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) to raise awareness about organ, tissue and cornea donation, and to inspire everyone to register to be a donor. It is also the time to acknowledge and remember those who have made the generous decision to give to others through donation and transplantation.

“National Donate Life Month is a time when we celebrate the power of organ, tissue and cornea donation to save and heal lives; when we recognize the partnerships between CORE and the hospitals we serve throughout western Pennsylvania and West Virginia that made possible nearly 700 life-saving organ transplants in 2021; and when we mobilize and inspire our local communities to register as donors,” said Susan Stuart, President and CEO of CORE. “Most importantly though, National Donate Life Month is a time when we honor the selfless donors and their courageous families who make the decision to give the gift of life."

This April, as they do year-round, each of the eight hospitals in the Penn Highlands Healthcare system will be working with CORE to save and heal lives through organ, tissue and cornea donation. The health system will also take time to acknowledge April as National Donate Life Month and remember those who have made the selfless decision to give to others through donation and transplantation.

Approximately 11,000 people die annually who are considered medically suitable to donate organs, tissue and corneas, yet only a fraction donate. Anyone can be a potential donor regardless of age, race or medical history.

In Pennsylvania, you can sign up online at You can also become a donor when you renew your driver’s license in person, or online at On most states’ online registries, you can choose which organs and tissues you want to donate. After you sign up, you should tell your family about your decision so that if the time comes, they won’t feel surprised and can help you carry out your wishes.