Penn Highlands Healthcare Sponosrship

Sponsorship Request

Penn Highlands Healthcare is a proud supporter of the communities we serve and the organizations that make this a better place to live. It is part of our mission to improve the health and well being of our region.

We receive numerous requests for contributions and sponsorships. It is our policy to review all requests, and we have a committee to determine the possibility of financial support. If your organization would like to request funds, please fill out the form below. We require at least 60 days notice prior to your event.

We use the following guidelines in making our determination.

  • Does the money stay in a community served by the PHH system?
  • Does the money benefit a healthcare-related organization, especially one that promotes healing, research and curing diseases? Or does the organization better the health of our communities?
  • If the request is to sponsor an event, how many people will be present?
  • Do other sponsors of the event have a similar mission to that of Penn Highlands Healthcare?
  • What level of recognition (advertising) do we receive as a sponsor?

Please keep in mind that Penn Highlands Healthcare, itself, is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. We give millions of dollars annually in financial assistance to our patients.

Sponsorship Request Form