Estimate Your Cost of care at Penn Highlands Healthcare

Estimate Your Cost of Care

Need a Price Estimate for a Procedure, Test or Surgery?
We can help you calculate your covered and non-covered expense.

Patient Responsibility Estimation Process

Prior to your procedure at a Penn Highlands hospital facility, a financial counselor may contact you to explain your estimated patient responsibility. Your insurance policy has different components that determine what portion of the service cost will be the responsibility of the patient, and at different times of the year your patient responsibility can change depending on the type of procedure and the services you have used to date. The goal of the program is to provide information necessary for patients to make informed decisions regarding their upcoming procedure and to reduce surprise bills.

The estimated patient responsibility provided by a financial counselor is only an estimate, as any change to the service being performed or usage of insurance policy services unknown to Penn Highlands at the time of estimation can alter the actual patient responsibility.

Online Patient Responsibility Estimator

To further increase price transparency, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) requires hospitals to make public standard charges for the most common services a hospital provides. One way hospitals are permitted to enact this mandate is to make available an online resource that will provide patients the ability to create their own estimate.

The “Online Patient Responsibility Estimator” button below will take you to this resource.

Online Patient Estimator Tool

To use the Online Patient Responsibility Estimator, you will need to know :

  • The name of the patient's procedure or service
  • Patient's name and date of birth
  • Patient’s insurance policy information (if applicable)

These three pieces of information will provide the most accurate patient estimate; however this resource should be considered an additional tool to the financial counselor process outlined above.