Graduate Medical Education at Penn Highlands Healthcare

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Penn Highlands Healthcare offers excellent Graduate Medical Education (GME) opportunities in the Northwestern/Central regions of Pennsylvania.

Graduate Medical Education Leadership at Penn Highlands Healthcare (PHH) is comprised of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, the PHH Administration and the PHH Board of Directors. The Leadership is strongly supportive of Graduate Medical Education. This support includes the commitment to provide the necessary educational, financial and human resources to support the programs and residents of PHH.

The Leadership recognizes that the Graduate Medical Education Committee is a key component of the organized administrative system, overseeing Graduate Medical Education. The Leadership supports the goals of the committee, particularly in regard to maintaining and upholding the institutional requirements of the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME.)

The Leadership is committed to keeping itself fully informed about Graduate Medical Education, including the necessary resources to support it, and the quality of care and supervision of trainees provided through the medical and dental staff, and regarding these and other issues will maintain ongoing contact the Graduate Medical Education Committee, a sub-committee of the Quality Committee of the Board of Director.

Our Mission

To develop competent and caring physicians that will deliver high-quality and compassionate care to their patients.

We strive to accomplish this by offering a broad range of training experiences with exemplary physicians engaged in the practice of evidence-based empathetic medical care for their patients.

ACGME Accredited Residency Programs

Family Medicine


Fellowship Program

Sports Medicine


Do you require both Step 1 and Step 2 to be granted an interview?

Although we would prefer scores for Step 1 and Step 2 before interviews, we understand that isn’t always possible. We do require passing scores to be on the programs final rank list.

When is your application deadline?

The Penn Highlands Healthcare GME Program follow the ERAS application timeline and NRMP’s The Match Process. For more information, go to the following websites: Match Calendars | NRMP and 2024 ERAS® Residency Timeline | Students & Residents (

Do you require US Clinical experience?

Both the Family Medicine and Psychiatry programs require clinical experience in the United States.

Do you sponsor J1 Visa or H1?

The Penn Highlands Healthcare GME Program sponsors J1 Visas.

Do you have a post graduate cutoff?

The post graduate cutoff is 2 years from the current expected graduation cycle.

Do you have any unique Letter of Recommendation requirements?

All of our programs require a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation.

Graduate Medical Education News

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