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Heart Care

If you have heart problems, you may be wondering if you’ll need to travel to another city for cardiac care or testing, such as for an EKG or stress test. Fortunately, The Heart Center of Penn Highlands Healthcare offers specialized heart care right here in Central Pennsylvania. We offer everything from preventive heart health medicine and advanced diagnostic testing to complex heart surgery and cardiac rehabilitation. Our cardiologists also partner with Columbia University Medical Center for access to a network of more than 100 cardiology colleagues for consultations and the latest developments in heart care.

Cardiac Care Services at Penn Highlands

Penn Highlands cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and heart health experts treat all kinds of heart problems from chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure, to emergency conditions, such as heart attacks.

Heart health starts with prevention. Penn Highlands primary care doctors can assess your risk of developing heart health problems and get you on track with lifestyle changes to lower that risk. Your primary care provider also can help identify and manage health conditions that can lead to heart problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

If you develop a heart condition, your primary care doctor will refer you to a Penn Highlands cardiologist for specialized care. These heart experts treat heart problems such as arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, blockages, and congestive heart failure. If your cardiologist needs diagnostic testing, you will be able to get those tests at any Penn Highlands hospital. At each facility, we offer a a complete range of diagnostic technology, including electrocardiogram (EKG), stress testing, cardiac MRI and cardiac catheterization.

If tests reveal a heart problem, your cardiologist will work with you to devise a treatment plan. That may include medication, lifestyle changes, cardiac rehabilitation, or heart surgery. No one likes to think about having heart surgery, but if that’s part of your treatment plan, don’t worry. Penn Highlands has a team of highly skilled cardiovascular surgeons who are able to handle complex procedures, including beating-heart coronary artery bypass and aortic valve repair.

And in emergencies, our on-call cardiologists and cardiac surgeons provide expert care for heart attacks in all four of our hospitals.

Do you have heart problems? Find an expert Penn Highlands cardiologist who can help.

Heart Care at Penn Highlands

Penn Highlands Brookville offers exceptional care for adults of all ages.

Penn Highlands Brookville

100 Hospital Road
Brookville, PA 15825

Penn Highlands Clearfield offers exceptional care for adults of all ages.

Penn Highlands Clearfield

A Campus of Penn Highlands DuBois
809 Turnpike Avenue
Clearfield, PA 16830

Penn Highlands DuBois offers exceptional care for adults of all ages.

Penn Highlands DuBois

100 Hospital Avenue
DuBois, PA 15801

Penn Highlands Elk offers exceptional care for adults of all ages.

Penn Highlands Elk

763 Johnsonburg Road
St. Marys, PA 15857

Penn Highlands Huntingdon offers exceptional care for adults of all ages.

Penn Highlands Huntingdon

1225 Warm Springs Avenue
Huntingdon, PA 16652

Penn Highlands Tyrone offers exceptional care for adults of all ages.

Cardiology Services:

  • Angiogram
  • Holter Monitor Testing
  • Exercise Stress Test
  • Echocardiography Stress Test
  • Renal Ultrasound
  • Peripheral Vascular Studies
  • EKG
  • Echocardiogram
  • Pacemaker Insertion
  • Inpatient Consultations
  • Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Cardiac MRI)
  • On-site Laboratory Testing
  • 24 Hour Emergency Care
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Nutrition Counseling to support cardiac health
  • Fitness Center on-campus to support cardiac Wellness

Penn Highlands Tyrone

187 Hospital Drive
Tyrone, PA 16686
(814) 684-1255

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Conditions We Treat

Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm
Atrial Fibrillation
Complex Lung Infections
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Heart Attack
Heart Blockages
Heart Defects
Heart Disease
Heart Failure
Heart Palpitations
Heart Procedures
Heart Rhythm Disorders
Heart Surgery
Heart Valve Conditions
Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

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