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Penn Highlands Healthcare is at the forefront of using virtual technology to improve access to and enhance the health care experience. Through a variety of virtual and digital services, such as online scheduling, virtual visits, remote health monitoring and much more, we offer patients convenient access, any time and any place, to the care they need when they need it most.

MyHealthNow - Penn Highlands Digital Services across the Healthcare System.

Services can be accessed via your home computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • MyDocNow - Seeing your Penn Highlands’ doctor just got easier. We are bringing healthcare to you in the comfort of your own home. Penn Highlands Healthcare is proud to offer telemedicine services for our patients through our new service MyDocNow. Call your doctor’s office to schedule an appointment. Your doctor will decide what they feel can be seen virtually vs having you come into the office to be seen in person. Please note that not all appointments are appropriate for a virtual visit.

  • EmotionalWellnessNow - Providing you with exceptional care is our top priority. We strive to offer services and technology that allow all patients to stay close to home. Penn Highlands Healthcare is proud to offer telemedicine services for Behavioral Health Services through our new service, EmotionalWellnessNow.

  • EndocrinologyNow - Our top priority is providing our patients with exceptional care and technology that allows them to stay close to home. We are proud to offer telemedicine services for endocrinology through our new service, EndocrinologyNow. The staff at Penn Highlands Endocrinology can help patients and their primary care provider who are managing an endocrine disorder.

  • SkilledCareNow - Our telemedicine program enables residents to interact with a physician from the comforts of their room, even if the doctor is not there. Not only does this allow for a more relaxed experience for the resident, but it also helps them avoid having to arrange for transportation to another facility.

  • MySchoolHealthNow - Virtual Doctor Visits
    Penn Highlands Healthcare is excited to be working with area school districts to offer parents and students a new option for pediatric care, MySchoolHealthNow. Through high-definition telemedicine video and communications equipment, the school nurse can connect with a Penn Highlands physician for evaluation. This will make healthcare for children more convenient and accessible, avoid delays in treatment and enhance learning by decreasing absenteeism.

    In addition to the virtual doctor visits, through the MySchoolHealthNow program, children can also have virtual behavioral health visits during the school day. With the Penn Highlands program, students who follow with one of the health system’s psychiatrists, can see and talk to their psychiatrist without leaving the school.

    Participating School Districts:
    Brockway Area School District
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