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Penn Highlands Concussion Clinic Can Help Anyone Who May Have Suffered A Concussion

Concussion is a term for a brain injury that temporarily interferes with the way your brain works and can affect attention, memory, judgment, reflexes, balance, coordination and sleep patterns. The symptoms of a concussion are the result of changes in chemicals and biological processes that go on inside the brain. Most commonly, they occur from car accidents, falls or impact sustained during athletic activities.

Under the care of trained specialist – a sports medicine physician or a neuropsychologist - a treatment plan is created to allow a patient’s injuries to heal. By using a multi-disciplinary approach, athletes or anyone with a concussion can get the help they need. Call 814-375-6200 for an appointment.

ImPACT Testing Can Give Athletes an Advantage

ImPACT - or Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing - is a computerized measurement of verbal and visual memory, processing speed and reaction time. Taken before a sports season, it can document normal neurological function. After an injury, an athlete would take the test again, and the results of both tests are compared to see if concussion has occurred. Then, periodically after an injury, the assessment is taken again to track recovery.

This free testing is offered by Penn Highlands Outpatient Physical Therapy Department. Call 814-375-3372 for more information.

Concussion Clinic at Penn Highlands
Trained specialist at the Concussion Clinic use multi-disciplinary approaches to treatment plans to help athletes or anyone with a concussion can get the help they need.

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