Hospital Renovations - Emergency Department

Hospital Renovations - Emergency Department

Project Completed - April 2022

The Penn Highlands Clearfield Emergency Department has undergone a $6 million renovation to efficiently meet the healthcare needs of the Greater Clearfield and Moshannon Valley regions. The modernization is designed to improve safety for the more than 18,000 patients who visit the ED annually and enhance functionality for hospital staff.

Ambulance Canopy

Easy Access

To provide easier patient access, the Emergency Department relocated from the ground floor to the first floor. In addition, the ambulance entrance is now on Turnpike Avenue. This change offers more convenient entry for patients, emergency personnel and families.

Greater Privacy
Emergency Department patients now have a separate registration area that provides greater privacy. The outpatient registration area also is renovated.

Enhanced Patient Flow

The renovation added:

  • Two triage rooms for more efficient flow.
  • Two trauma bays.
  • Eight private exam rooms.
  • Two behavioral health rooms.
  • A designated OB/GYN room.
  • An Isolation room for greater safety.

PH Clearfield Hospital Renovations Underway