Community Care Network

Community Care Network

A Service of Penn Highlands Mon Valley

The Community Care Network (CCN) at Penn Highlands Mon Valley is here to support your healing and ongoing wellness because once you are in our care, you are always in our care.

The CCN helps you receive the best health care possible through a comprehensive series of care coordination and educational strategies. The CCN helps you transition to the next step of care - whether it's to home or a skilled nursing facility, rehab center or another hospital, PH Mon Valley works to ensure a seamless continuity of care. In addition, these services are being provided to the community completely free of charge.

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The CCN consists of an interdisciplinary team made up of a medical director, nurses, a behaviorist and patient navigators. The team focuses on finding and coordinating resources as well as assisting patients in managing chronic diseases. The CCN works with patients' current care providers to help them understand and manage their care.

The dedicated team also works cooperatively within our system and with other community agencies to utilize all available resources taking follow-up care to a new level. The team, under direct medical supervision, can help ensure that patients have the tools they need to follow treatment plans, including the ability to afford and understand how to take prescribed medications. The CCN also focuses on eliminating missed appointments with PCPs and specialists. With an emphasis on early detection, in-home monitoring can be provided to help identify changes in symptoms early on, which could eliminate unnecessary trips to the hospital. In addition, our patient navigators can provide support with medications, food and hospitalization.

The CCN focuses on helping people engage in a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent disease and help them live their lives to the fullest. The team assists the community in learning about healthy eating and activity, stress management and timely follow-up with health practices such as mammograms and colonoscopies. The team supports people in taking their medications to manage their health conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure which can help prevent future complications. For additional information, call 724-258-1CCN (1226).

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