Palumbo Foundation Gives Grant to Community Nurses

The Palumbo Foundation recently granted funds to Penn Highlands Elk and to Community Nurses, Inc. The funds given to the hospital will be used to support an extensive renovation project at Pinecrest Manor, the skilled nursing facility at Penn Highlands Elk. The donation to the Community Nurses will help cover the cost of caring for patients that need palliative care.

Pinecrest Manor was built in 1970. While the medical equipment and patient care amenities have been updated with advancements in technology, the facility itself has not had any cosmetic upgrades in 14 years. A renovation plan was developed earlier this year with the anticipation that funds would be raised through the generosity of our community.

“Pinecrest Manor is home to our residents,” said Megan Bolden, administrator. “It should be a comfortable place with a pleasant atmosphere for visiting loved ones, relaxing and going about the activities of daily living.”

The renovation plan is a multi-million dollar project. Funds from the Palumbo grant will go toward improvements to the front entrance and lobby.

“This generous donation will put us more than half way to our goal for that portion of the project,” said Bolden.

The Community Nurses plan to use their grant for their Palliative Care Program. Palliative care is given to patients who are living with a serious life-limiting illness and need relief from symptoms, such as pain, nausea and shortness of breath. The palliative care team is also available to assist the patient with identifying their health care wishes as they relate to their goals of care.

“This type of home care often falls outside of the coverage provided by healthcare insurance,” explained Brenda Porter, service line director for home care services at Community Nurses and at Penn Highlands Healthcare.“ The only way we can cover the cost of a palliative care program is through donations, like the one from the Palumbo Foundation. We are very grateful, as are the people we serve.”