Four Easy Ways to Manage Your Medication

“Hmm, did I take my pills this morning?” Everyone who takes medication on a daily basis has asked themselves this question, and it is critical to have the right answer.

“The more medication you take, the easier it is to make mistakes,” said Robert Bojalad, Director of Outpatient Informatics at Penn Highlands DuBois. “Organizing and managing your medication is extremely important. This helps make sure you don’t miss a dose or accidentally overdose.”

Here are four easy ways to help you manage your medication or someone else’s medication.

Use a pill organizer.
A pill organizer can help you answer the question, “Did I take my medications today?” by grouping your pills together day-by-day. You can easily see if you have already taken the set of pills for the day, or if you still need to take them. A pill organizer also helps ensure you take all of the medication you need on that particular day. There are many different types of pill organizers, so you should be able to find one that works for you online or at a pharmacy. Some have multiple compartments for different times of the day, while others can hold an entire month’s worth of medication.

Make a list.
A pill organizer is a great way to help you remember to take all of your pills each day. But you also need to remember what to actually put in the pill organizer every time you refill it. This is where a list comes in handy. Make a list of all the medications you take, the purpose, the dosage, and the frequency. You can also include information like the prescriber, refill date, and side effects. Put this list where you store your medications, and when it is time to refill your pill organizer, use the list to make sure you do not forget anything. Your pharmacy or medical provider can also help you put a list together from your pharmacy or health record.

Create a chart.
For some people, pill organizers may only be part of the solution to managing their medication. If you take medication that requires refrigeration, for example, you will need another way to help you remember, and a chart is a great way to do that. List all of your medications and the times you need to take them. Then, put that list on the fridge, in the bathroom, or at another spot you will be sure to see every day. Once you take your medication, check it off on the chart. Whether you use a whiteboard or a simple sheet of paper to keep track, you will be able to see whether you have taken all of your medication for that day.

Set an alarm.
If you take medications multiple times a day, it can be helpful to set alarms on your phone to help you remember when it is time to take them. You can also use a medication management app, which will send you alerts directly on your phone or tablet. If you are not able to use the latest technology to remember, a simple wristwatch with alarm functionality works great, too!

“Tracking and sorting medications can be stressful,” said Andrew Kurtz, System Director of Retail Pharmacy. “But by taking a few easy steps to get organized, you can help yourself or others safely manage all of their medications. Your local pharmacist can help you find the right solution for your medication needs, as well. Just ask!”

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