It’s Time To Get Your Mammogram. Mammograms Save Lives.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How does that impact you? Mammograms save lives. Ladies, it’s time to get your mammogram; and men, it is time to encourage the women in your life to get their mammograms.

Mammography is the first line of defense in the fight against breast cancer. Early detection is the key to beating cancer because when caught early it is much more treatable. With a mammogram, doctors can look for changes that are too small or too deep to feel. A mammogram can detect abnormalities up to two years before they can ever be felt.

Penn Highlands Healthcare offers state-of-the-art mammogram technology in private and comfortable settings. The health system offers two-dimensional mammography, which is the gold standard and is indicated for routine screenings. It is an excellent tool for detecting breast abnormalities. Penn Highlands Healthcare also offers three-dimensional mammography which uses the same x-ray technology as 2-D mammography but provides images of the breast from many different angles.

At Penn Highlands Healthcare, mammograms are offered at the eight hospitals and many convenient outpatient facilities.

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