Monongahela Valley Hospital Installs New Nuclear Camera System

MVH nuclear imaging system
Monongahela Valley Hospital's new nuclear imaging system can serve more patients comfortably while providing higher-definition images.

Monongahela Valley Hospital recently installed a state-of-the-art nuclear camera system from Siemens Healthcare as part of the health system's ongoing efforts to offer its patients the most cutting-edge medical imaging technology available.

The new system provides higher-definition images that increase physicians' ability to make confident diagnoses without the need for additional studies. In addition, MVH can now serve a more diverse patient population because the system can accommodate people weighing up to 500 lbs. It also provides easy access for people with limited mobility or in wheelchairs. The new technology uses a high-capacity patient bed, a 30% larger bore than previous systems and highly flexible detectors. These features provide comprehensive imaging configurations for general purpose, cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology and neurology studies.

"We are thrilled to bring this new technology to our community," said Louis J. Panza Jr., president and CEO of Monongahela Valley Hospital. "The system enables our health system to image more patients than ever before with even higher image quality. Thanks to the generous dimensions of the system's bore, we can maximize patient comfort and image difficult-to-move patients without transferring them onto the equipment."