Orthopedic Institute Puts People Back On Their Feet Again

Dr Allan Tissenbaum walks with Alan Henson

Alan Henson knows how to get people "back on their feet again" - particularly back to their own normal. Since 1984, Mr. Henson has been a co-owner of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. (OSPTA), which provides hands-on rehabilitation services in 32 locations in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northwester West Virginia. This summer, he became one of his company's physical therapy patients following total knee replacement surgery at Monongahela Valley Hospital's Orthopedic Institute.

Like many other patients who had total knee or total hip replacement surgery at MVH's Orthopedic Institute by physicians from The Orthopedic Group, Mr. Henson has enjoyed a fast, pain-free recovery and an overall positive experience. In fact, he had his total knee replacement surgery performed as outpatient. The next morning he was walking 250 feet and participating in physical therapy.

"I had my right knee replaced nine years ago at the Orthopedic Institute by Dr. Baron and it was a great experience," explained Mr. Henson. "I resumed playing tennis but the last two years my left knee became painful so I had a steroid injection about a year ago for relief. I was actually trying to postpone the surgery on this knee until later this year."

Mr. Henson's knee was not keeping to his schedule. On July 20, while working out at the gym, he couldn't take the pain any longer and called The Orthopedic Group. Within an hour, he was meeting with Dr. Allan Tissenbaum in the Group's Charleroi office.

"Both knee replacements were positive experiences," Mr. Henson added.

MVH's Orthopedic Institute is a comprehensive program that is based on a proven national model for hip and knee replacement. The program, which is structured around the fundamental principle of wellness, includes a dedicated hospital unit; "prehab" featuring pre-operative classes and testing; coaches who are active participants in the patient's care providing encouragement and support; and aggressive daily schedules that include group therapy sessions, competitive distance walking among patients and aftercare support.

"A total joint replacement is a life changing event, which is why we feel it is important to offer a patient-centered program" said Dr. Tissenbaum. "Most often, our patients are healthy, active individuals who have hip or knee pain and want to live a better, pain-free quality of life."

Dr. Tissenbaum is one of three surgeons at The Orthopedic Group who perform total joint replacement surgery at MVH's Orthopedic Institute. The other four physicians specialize in foot and ankle reconstruction, spine surgery, sports medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Often, more than one physician in the practice participates in a patient's care.

Prior to Mr. Henson's surgery he also saw Dr. Anthony Cuneo, from The Orthopedic Group, whose specialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Cuneo injected Mr. Henson's knee with a localized nerve block that provided immediate and long-lasting relief. The cryoanalgesia treatment does not inject any drugs into the body; it delivers precise, controlled doses of cold temperature to the targeted nerves. People who receive the cryoanalgesia treatment prior to joint replacement surgery at the Orthopedic Institute experience less pain following surgery, have a decreased need for pain medications and experience a faster post-surgical recovery.

During the surgery, Dr. Tissenbaum also injected Mr. Henson's knee with Exparel, a timed-release analgesic that helps to control post-surgical pain.

"Exparel is magic. I never had the need to take anything stronger than ibuprofen following my surgery," Mr. Henson reported.

Although he is still undergoing physical therapy at OSPTA, Mr. Henson was able to return to work just 11 days following his surgery.

"It was a seamless process," I recommend The Orthopedic Group and MVH's Orthopedic Institute to everyone," Mr. Henson added.