Penn Highlands Mon Valley Offers New Technologically Advanced MRI Scanner

An industry-leading MRI scanner is improving the patient experience and providing sharper images for physicians at Penn Highlands Mon Valley.

The MAGNETOM Sola features sensors that inform the correct exam strategy while reducing set-up time. In addition, the scanner accommodates patients’ anatomical and physiological differences as well as technologist differences. These factors help decrease the need for rescans and increase scan consistency across a diverse patient population. In most cases, scan or table times are reduced.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this advanced MRI scanner to our patients,” said Peter J. Adamo, President of Penn Highlands Mon Valley. “Not only does this scanner provide our patients with the best possible experience, it delivers the best images possible.”

The MAGNETOM Sola is designed to help healthcare providers perform a full range of routine and complex MRI exams while delivering consistent results across all patient types. The scanner is equipped with tuners that improve the quality and reproducibility of head, neck and spine imaging using distortion-mitigating software and hardware. The scanner’s interfaces utilize artificial intelligence and body models to expedite patient positioning and deliver consistent, reproducible results.

The new scanner, which is designed with a 70-cm bore, can accommodate up to 550 pounds thus enabling Penn Highlands Mon Valley to scan larger adults. The larger bore size also provides more head room for claustrophobic patients.

“By delivering unmatched levels of automation and personalization that address patient and user variability, we achieve high-quality imaging — consistently and efficiently — across all patients and procedures,” said Mr. Adamo.