Penn Highlands Mon Valley Updates Emergency Department Waiting Room

No one wants to visit a hospital emergency room. For patients and those accompanying them, the wait for diagnosis or treatment upon arrival can be uncomfortable if they are sick or injured. At Penn Highlands Mon Valley, the Emergency Department (ED) Waiting Room is now more comfortable thanks to a generous donation from the hospital’s auxiliary. Last summer, the Penn Highlands Auxiliary donated $20,000 to the hospital to refurbish the ED Waiting Room.

“We live in this community and the people who come to Penn Highlands Mon Valley for medical care are our family, friends and neighbors and we want them to have the best experience possible,” explained Janet Rippel, treasurer of the Auxiliary.

The funds raised and donated by the Auxiliary were used to install new wood plank laminate flooring throughout the Waiting Room. The light colored flooring brightens the area and complements the furnishings.

“We have received many compliments on our Emergency Department Waiting Room since the refurbishing was completed,” said Peter J. Adamo, Penn Highlands Healthcare Regional Market President – Southwestern Region who also serves as President of Penn Highlands Mon Valley.

“Our Auxiliary is amazing. They saw a need and worked tirelessly to raise the funds to help ensure that our patients have a positive experience while waiting to go back to an ED treatment room.”

Funds for the new flooring in the Penn Highlands Mon Valley Emergency Department Waiting Room were provided by the hospital’s Auxiliary.