Penn Highlands State College LEGO Models Land at Regional Airport and Discovery Space

Lego Display PH State College

When most people see LEGO bricks, they think of construction. Now, when people visit the State College Regional Airport, and Discovery Space, they will see LEGO bricks and think of the Penn Highlands State College construction. That is because a custom-made, built-to-scale LEGO models of Penn Highlands Healthcare’s new hospital and adjacent medical office building are prominently positioned in these two locations

The LEGO displays are set against colorful drops and window clings that include a timeline of the project; details about the patient-centric design and advanced technology; and an easy-to-read listing of the many services that will be offered at the hospital and medical office building.

“We are very excited and anxiously awaiting the opening of Penn Highlands State College in summer 2024. We want people to see the LEGO model and share our excitement,” explained Rhonda Halstead, Penn Highlands Healthcare Regional Market President for the Central Region. “We hope airport passengers and visitors, as well as the families who enjoy the learning experiences at Discovery Space will stop and view the models and read about the many services and amenities that the hospital and medical office building will offer.”

Penn Highlands State College is the ninth hospital in the Penn Highlands Healthcare system and marks the first time that the health system is building a hospital from the ground up to its specifications to meet the current and future needs of the Centre County Region. The expansion of services in the Centre County Region is a natural progression. Penn Highlands State College fits in very closely with Penn Highlands Tyrone — the other Penn Highlands Healthcare hospital along the I-99 corridor.

When Penn Highlands State College opens, it will offer:

  • Advanced technology that includes the Cerner Digital Front Door with online self-registration and contactless check-in.
  • Self- and staff-guided registration kiosks for contactless registration with the palm of your hand.
  • An Emergency Department with 10 private treatment rooms for prompt assessment and expert care.
  • A state-of-the-art Surgical Department which includes three high-tech operating suites and an Endoscopy Procedure Room.
  • 18 private inpatient rooms.
  • A Medical Imaging Department that will utilize advanced imaging equipment for the sharpest images and diagnostic capabilities.
  • A Pulmonary Function Lab for advanced screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Adjacent to the hospital will be a 32,000-square foot medical office building which will include:

  • Offices of skilled and compassionate family medicine and specialty care physicians and providers.
  • A QCare Walk-in Clinic that will provide care to all patients -- from infants to seniors.
  • Penn Highlands Hahne Cancer Center, which will be staffed by nationally respected oncologists, along with a multidisciplinary team that will provide advanced medical oncology and infusion services. A state-of-the-art linear accelerator that delivers radiation to cancerous tumors with pinpoint accuracy and spares the healthy tissue nearby is part of the facility’s advanced radiation services.
  • Penn Highlands Life’s Journey OB/GYN that provides care for every stage of a woman’s life.
  • Women’s Medical Imaging that will include screening and diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds and DEXA bone density scans.
  • Penn Highlands Heart Center which will offer specialized heart care including non-invasive testing, EKG and echocardiogram.
  • Penn Highlands Lung Center which will provide screenings, diagnostics and treatments.
  • Laboratory Services for quick and accurate diagnosis.
  • A retail pharmacy with convenient drive-thru service.

During the coming months, people in the Centre County Region will have an opportunity to see the Penn Highlands State College model at other venues and attractions throughout the region. In addition, a public open house will be scheduled prior to the hospital’s opening in summer 2024. For more information, visit