All Tyrone Hospital Services Open for Patients

Patients who need surgery, emergency care, outpatient testing, therapy and other healthcare services can safely access the care they need at Tyrone Hospital. All of the hospital’s services are open and available to patients. The emergency department is available to patients twenty-four hours a day and staffed by a physician at all times.

Beth Dietrick, Chief Nursing Officer at Tyrone Hospital said Tyrone remains open and accessible to patients with patient safety remaining a top priority. “Although COVID-19 has created fear and concern, we want to remind our patients and the community to be mindful of their general health and wellbeing and seek care when they need it.”

Mrs. Dietrick said community members are doing a good job following steps to prevent or protect themselves from COVID-19. But, many people seem to be pushing aside or ignoring needed care for chronic health conditions, and attention for health problems or symptoms that may develop. “Without proper care, some conditions can become more complicated or end up requiring emergency attention.”

Mrs. Dietrick said communication from first responders or providers “in the field” is that they are seeing a higher number of cardiac arrest (heart attack) calls to 911. There are concerns that this increase may be related to people delaying medical care due to fear of contracting COVID-19.

“We appreciate the way people are feeling at this time and want to reassure them that we are continuing to look out for the safety of all visitors, patients, providers and staff,” said Mrs. Dietrick.

Patients who need care can access Tyrone Hospital as needed. Anyone who accompanies a patient will be asked to wait in their car or in the specially designated “well area” of the main lobby. Children may have a parent accompany them and those who require a caregiver may have their caregiver accompany them.

Tyrone has taken numerous steps to address the safety and wellbeing of those who visit the hospital for care. Masks are required for everyone who enters or works in the facility. Everyone who enters the facility must also be screened and have their temperature taken. Patients are one per room. The hospital follows an aggressive cleaning and disinfecting schedule throughout the facility. Tyrone Hospital’s primary care practices offer telehealth appointments to allow patients to have their medical appointments in the safety and comfort of their home. Tyrone also monitors and complies with mitigation or prevention recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Community members are reminded to seek immediate medical care if they experience any of the following: chest pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sudden onset of pain, numbness or tingling in any part of their arms, legs, hands or feet, slurred speech or inability to swallow, facial drooping, dizziness, sudden or increasing confusion, sudden onset of weakness, any injury causing swelling or deformity and/or any condition which causes concern for your health or safety.