Penn Highlands Tyrone Conducts a Successful Fire Drill

On November 15, 2023, first responders from throughout the region participated in a disaster preparedness drill at Penn Highlands Tyrone. During the exercise, firefighter and EMTs joined hospital staff to test their readiness to manage a simulated fire in the hospital. The event was part of the hospital's continuing efforts to ensure the safety of its patients, visitors and staff.

“The drill was a great learning exercise for our team,” explained Kimberly Cicon, MS, RN, CEN, Chief Nursing Officer at Penn Highlands Tyrone. “We discovered firsthand the effectiveness of our policies and procedures and identified where opportunities exist for improvement.”

Penn Highlands Tyrone has a Disaster Preparedness Committee that is comprised of hospital leaders, physicians and staff members, who meet regularly to review procedures to ensure an effective response to disasters or emergencies that affect the environment of care.

Tyrone Fire Fighter 1
Firefighters enter Penn Highlands Tyrone prepared to extinguish a fire during the hospital’s recent disaster drill.
Tyrone Fire Fighter 2
Penn Highlands Tyrone staff attends to an “acting patient” for transport during the fire drill on November 15, 2023.
Tyrone Fire Fighter 3
The fire company’s bucket truck is extended to the roof of Penn Highlands Tyrone during the recent fire drill.