How We Serve You at PH Elk

Our Wellness and You!   program helps ensure that you're able to choose the healthiest meal option available to you. We have vegetarian, vegan and wellness options available.

Jennifer Troupe - 814-788-8626, 814-788-8495

Registered Dietitians

Kelly Schreiber-Straub - 814-788-8517

Tazharae Bauer - 814-788-8860


Aug. 3
General Tso's Chicken  $0.49/oz
White Rice  $0.49/oz
Oriental Vegetables  $0.49/oz
Cream of Broccoli Soup  $1.69
Grilled Hot Dog  $1.69

Aug. 4
Italian Chicken Sandwich  $2.59
Onion Rings  $1.99
Carrots  $0.79
Beef Barley Soup  $1.49

Aug. 5
Lasagna  $0.49/oz
Garlic Breadstick  $0.49
Fresh Sauteed Zucchini  $0.49/oz
Baked Potato Soup  $1.69
Grilled Hamburger  $2.69

Aug. 6
Hot Dog Bar  $1.69
Tator Tots  $1.69
Brussel Sprouts  $0.79
Italian Ravioli Soup  $1.49
Add Ons(cheese sauce, chili, sauerkraut)  $0.50

Aug. 7
Cook's Choice-Pepper Steak  $0.49/oz
White Rice  $0.49/oz
Broccoli  $0.49/oz
Beef Noodle Soup  $1.49