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Mon Valley Care Center

Our professional and caring staff is dedicated to providing the best Personal Care, Rehabilitation Services, and Skilled Nursing and Restorative Care the Mon Valley has to offer.


200 Stoops Drive
Monongahela, PA 15063


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Resident Amenities at Mon Valley Care Center

Barber and Beauty Services

At Mon Valley Care Center, we offer barber and beauty services to all our residents.


General housekeeping duties are performed on a daily and weekly basis to ensure our residents have the cleanest living environment we can offer. Basic room items such as Kleenex, an emesis basin, a wash basin, and bedpan are provided.


Residents have the option of Mon Valley Care Center providing personal laundry service for a minimal charge. Residents who are capable of doing their own laundry are permitted and we provide the laundry detergent. Family members are permitted to wash and iron a resident's laundry in their own home.

Mail Delivery

Mail is delivered to all residents daily. We encourage friends and family to send mail.

Our address is:
Mon Valley Care Center
Resident's Name, Room # (include both)
200 Stoops Drive
Monongahela, PA 15063

Payment Information

Financial information is handled by the Business Office staff who are readily available to discuss a resident's individual financial needs prior to and during admission and during and after a resident's stay. Comprehensive information regarding payment types and procedures is detailed in the resident's handbook.

Private Dining Room

Mealtimes shared with family are often the fondest memories. For this reason, Mon Valley Care Center offers a private dining room for use by residents and family members. We encourage birthday, anniversary, and other special occasion celebrations over a congenial meal in the private dining area.

Religious Services

Various religious services are offered on different days throughout the week. A resident with a specific religious request may contact the Activities Director.

Resident Council

Our Activities staff schedules and holds a Resident Council Meeting on a monthly basis. All residents are invited to attend these meetings to share information on how we can all work together to better care for each other. Resident Council keeps our staff on track by letting us know what we are doing right and where we need improvement. In addition to our Resident Council, suggestions are always welcomed at any time.

Resident Rooms

We strongly encourage families and residents to personalize the residents' rooms. Staff will assist with hanging and displaying pictures and other small reminders of home.


Cable service is available for a nominal fee.

Smoking Policy

Mon Valley Care Center is a smoke-free environment. No smoking is permitted inside the building. The non-smoking regulations apply to both the residents and visitors.


Individual phone jacks are installed in each room for telephone service. There is a small charge for this service, and it is billed on a monthly basis. We also offer a teletypewriter (TTY) for residents with a hearing impairment.


Valuable items such as jewelry, money, collectibles, and any other item of large monetary or great emotional value are encouraged to be left at home.

Resident Satisfaction Program

The entire staff of Mon Valley Care Center is dedicated to providing the finest quality care available to make each resident's stay as comfortable as possible. To ensure this occurs, Mon Valley Care Center offers a Resident Satisfaction Program in the event that a resident or resident's loved one is not satisfied with the care of any other aspect of the resident's stay at our facility. The steps we follow are outlined in the resident handbook and admission packet.

Visiting Hours

Visit us anytime. Mon Valley Care Center encourages visitation at times according to each resident's wishes. Children are permitted to visit as long as they are accompanied and supervised by an adult. Residents are permitted to leave the facility provided they are physically able as determined by their physician.