Leadership Team

At Penn Highlands Healthcare at Home our leadership team is made up of individuals with extensive home care experience and a deep commitment to providing quality health care services. Each individual offers unique skills and perspectives that work together to make PH Healthcare at Home a leading provider of quality home health, hospice, and community health services.

  • Cheryl Mitchell, RN, BSN, Penn Highlands Healthcare at Home Service Line Director
  • Christian Camuso, MHA, PCHA, Home Health and Hospice Operations Manager
  • Kristen Genevro, RN, BSN, Home Health and Hospice Operations Manager
  • Tena Emmert, PHR, Personal Care At Home Operations Manager
  • Kayleen Porter, RN, BSN, Performance Improvement Manager
  • Lisa Smith, Human Resources Manager
  • Nicole Bennett, Home Health Supervisor
  • Maria Garvey, RN Home Health Supervisor
  • Tamara Krucke, RN, Home Health Supervisor
  • Danielle Moore, RN, Home Health Supervisor
  • Rose Petrillo, RN, Home Health Supervisor
  • Heather Ramarge, RN, Home Health Supervisor
  • Miranda Lombardo, RN, Hospice Supervisor
  • Sara Flasher, RN, Hospice Supervisor