Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation at Penn Highlands

Regain Your Mobility and Independence

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Center of Penn Highlands DuBois is the only licensed inpatient rehabilitation hospital in our five-county area (Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, and McKean). Our superior patient outcomes, award-winning services, and consistently high patient satisfaction ratings are a point of pride among our staff and our community.

Our acute inpatient rehabilitation program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to help you recover from surgery, traumatic injury, or a debilitating disease. Your attending physician specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and will oversee your treatment. Other team members include our dedicated staff of nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and other specialists as needed.

We are committed to helping you regain the highest degree of functional mobility, independence, and quality of life possible. We do this by tailoring an inpatient physical therapy program to meet your specific needs and abilities, and partnering with you to achieve your goals.

Inpatient Rehab Vs. Outpatient

Our inpatient rehabilitation program means you will live here for the duration of your treatment. This allows for intensive therapy and comprehensive care as you work with physical therapists and other health professionals a minimum of three hours each day. Your treatment program takes place in a safe, supervised, medically monitored environment.

In an inpatient rehab program, expect to stay for a few days up to a month or more, depending on your needs. When you are ready, we can help you find a conveniently located outpatient rehab program so you can continue your recovery if needed.
You do not live on site during outpatient rehabilitation therapy, and will need to travel to a clinic or other facility to receive services. Physical therapy appointments usually occur two to three times per week for 30 minutes to an hour for each session. You may need to schedule separate appointments for each type of therapy needed.

Outpatient rehab programs typically last for several weeks up to several months.

Admission Criteria for Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

To be admitted to our inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation program, you must meet certain guidelines.

  • Have a qualifying diagnosis.
  • Require multiple therapy disciplines, including either physical therapy or speech therapy.
  • Be motivated and able to tolerate at least three hours of therapy per day, five days a week.
  • Be referred by a medical professional who believes you can improve and return to your prior level of functional status.

Qualifying Diagnoses for Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Stroke Program/CVA
  • Brain Injury (traumatic and non-traumatic/ RANCHO score 5 & above)
  • Spinal Cord Injury (traumatic and nontraumatic)
  • Neurological Disorders (MS, motor neuron disease, polyneuropathy, MD, Parkinson’s, critical care myopathy and uremic myopathy)
  • Fracture Femur/Hip
  • Amputation
  • Major Multiple Trauma
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Systemic vascularities with joint inflammation
  • Congenital deformity
  • Burns
  • Total Joint Replacements — Bilateral (CMS-13)
  • Severe/Advanced Osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis or DJD) involving two or more major joints
  • Cardiac - non-CMS-13
  • Debility - non-CMS-13

Why Choose Penn Highlands DuBois Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation?

Penn Highlands DuBois is one of our region’s top hospitals and proudly offers the most advanced inpatient hospital rehabilitation care in our area.

Rehab patients who have completed care at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center of Penn Highlands DuBois have achieved positive outcomes in the top ten percent. The partnership between our rehab patients, their expert team of dedicated health professionals, and the guidance of a physician who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation makes these outcomes possible.

Every member of our inpatient rehabilitation team is highly trained and passionate about what they do-helping each patient regain independence and a better quality of life.

The best feedback of all comes from our current and former patients, many of whom have recommended The Rehabilitation Center of Penn Highlands Healthcare to their family and friends.

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