Penn Highlands Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology is a medical practice that specializes in the administration of anesthesia designed to provide pain relief, and to maintain or restore patients to a stable condition during and immediately following a surgical or diagnostic procedure. At Penn Highlands Healthcare, our trained anesthesiologists assess the risk of patients undergoing a surgical procedure, and then work to optimize their condition throughout the surgical process.

During any situation when a patient is in need of pain management or relief, such as general anesthesia for a patient undergoing surgery or an epidural for a patient in labor, the highly qualified anesthesiologists at Penn Highlands Healthcare provide compassionate and effective care.

Penn Highlands Pain Management Clinics

The Pain Management Clinics at Penn Highlands offer state-of-the-art treatment and therapy to manage pain for patients with a variety of conditions, including chronic back and neck pain. Our medical experts at all four Penn Highlands locations—Brookville, Clearfield, DuBois and St. Marys—provide specialized care that can alleviate pain while also preventing permanent damage to a patient’s nervous system. The staff provides patients with customized treatment plans that are designed to provide the best possible quality of life.

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