Cancer Support Services

Cancer Support Services at Penn Highlands Healthcare

Being diagnosed with cancer doesn’t mean you have to fight alone. When you receive care at Penn Highlands Healthcare, the staff will be like a second family to you.

Other than the medical team, there are others who can support you through your journey. If you haven’t seen one of them while being a patient, just ask for a visit.

Social Workers

Social workers, sometimes called case managers, provide support to patients and their loved ones during cancer treatment by assisting and connecting patients with resources within the community, such as support groups, agencies and community foundations, and within the healthcare system.


Nutritionists work in collaboration with the medical team to identify patients at high-risk for malnutrition because of painful swallowing, nausea, malabsorption or anxiety, to name a few, and provide evidence-based nutrition guidance to improve the health of our patients during their cancer treatments.

Spiritual Care

After a cancer diagnosis, people may feel remote from God or a higher power. Often times, people begin to question “Where is God?” or “Why me?” They are questioning their faith and the meaning of it all. That is what we try to help people with – faith, and the meaning and purpose of life. A person doesn’t need to be religious to be spiritual. Our Spiritual Care staff will do a lot of talking and a lot of listening. People say what they are feeling and express it as they need to – crying or shouting - and it’s ok. We help patients work through the issues because holding it in creates a whole new realm of issues.

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services staff provide emotional support and therapeutic intervention. It is known that emotional upset may create a barrier to a patient’s overall ability to cope with cancer and its treatment. Our goal is to assist each patient to reach a level of emotional stability for a favorable quality of life.

This can be achieved by delivering person-centered care to each patient at Hahne. At the start of treatments, patients are screened to assess their level of emotional distress as well as identifying worry, fear, sadness, depression and nervousness. After treatment, patients may continue with therapy on an out-patient basis.


Patients who do not have a ride to and from cancer treatments need not worry. Through generous donations, Penn Highlands Healthcare has a fleet of vans with the friendliest drivers to pick up patients from throughout the region. There is a form to be filled out beforehand by the patient. If transportation is a need, call the main number for Hahne Regional Cancer Center at 814-375-3535.

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