Endocrinology Telemedicine Care


At Penn Highlands Healthcare, our top priority is providing our patients with exceptional care and technology that allows them to stay close to home. We are proud to offer telemedicine services for endocrinology through our new service, EndocrinologyNow. The staff at Penn Highlands Endocrinology can help patients and their primary care provider who are managing an endocrine disorder.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows your patients to see an endocrinology provider that is located at another facility without requiring your patient to travel to the provider’s location for an appointment. This visit is made possible by a computer and special cameras. During an EndocrinologyNow examination, the patient and the endocrinology provider will see and hear each other, creating an opportunity to discuss health concerns and care plans.

How does the EndocrinologyNow service work?

  • Once the patient is checked in for their appointment, the patient will be taken back to the exam room.
  • A telemedicine presenter will bring the equipment into the room and begin the video exam.
  • The telemedicine presenter will stay with the patient during the entire exam to assist with the physical exam by utilizing special cameras to complete the assessment and listen to the patient’s heart and lungs.

EndocrinologyNow allows those managing an endocrine disorder to be evaluated and treated by an expert while staying close to home.

To learn more about EndocrinologyNow, call 814-375-4089 or download the EndocrinologyNow brochure located in the resources sidebar.

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