Hospitalist Program

Hospitalists Provide Inpatient Care

Hospitalists are experts in inpatient care who are board-certified in internal medicine. They have an office in the hospital and are available when needed for all admitted patients. Time is no longer a factor for the physicians or the patients because “the doctor is always in.”

Hospitalists can see patients more than once a day, if needed, and they know every department in the hospital to assist patients to a speedy recovery. They can follow-up on tests and adjust treatments throughout the day based on those tests results.

Your primary care physician is still in the loop when it comes to care. In fact, the two work as partners. Hospitalists communicate with the outpatient doctor to learn about a patient’s previous care, problems and medications.

Inpatient care has become far more complex through the years. Care is based on the latest evidence, and medicine changes continuously. Hospitalists consider this type of care their specialty and keep up with the latest changes for the best outcomes for our patients. A typical doctor may see 10 patients a year with a certain illness or problem; a hospitalist may see 100 or more with the same problem. This experience helps hospitalists provide more efficient care, and reduces the length of time patients need to be in the hospital.

Hospitalists Providing Care At Penn Highlands Healthcare

Hospitalists work in all four Penn Highlands Healthcare hospitals. Physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners work together to make sure each patient has the care he or she needs.

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