Hospitalist Program

Hospitalist Program

Hospitalists Provide Inpatient Care

Hospitalists are inpatient care physicians who are board-certified in internal medicine or advanced practice providers who have been specially trained in inpatient care. They work directly in the hospital and are available when needed for all admitted patients.

Hospitalist at Penn Highlands Healthcare

Hospitalists can see patients multiple times per day, if needed, and they are familiar with each department of the hospital so that they can better assist patients to a speedy recovery. They can follow-up on tests and make adjustments to treatment plans throughout the day based on results.

During your hospital stay, your primary care provider is consulted and kept updated about your care. In fact, your hospitalist and primary care provider work in partnership, collaborating and communicating about your previous care, current diagnosis, medications and treatment plans.

Because your care is based on the latest evidence and ever-changing medicine recommendations, inpatient care has become far more complex through the years. Hospitalists work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in order to offer expert care to you. While a typical doctor may see 10 patients each year with a certain illness or problem, a hospitalist may see 100 or more with the same problem. This experience helps hospitalists provide more efficient care, reducing the length of time patients need to be in the hospital and ensuring the best outcomes for our patients.

HospitalistNow at Penn Highlands Clearfield

While hospitalists work at all four of our hospitals, at Penn Highlands Healthcare, we strive to offer innovative and technologically-advanced services to our patients in order to better meet their needs and provide them with the highest quality of care. This is why we are proud to offer HospitalistNow at Penn Highlands Clearfield.

HospitalistNow uses the technology of telemedicine in order to allow inpatients at our hospital in Clearfield, where there is always a highly-qualified advanced practice provider onsite, to see and be evaluated by a hospitalist physician at Penn Highlands DuBois. Using a computer and special cameras, HospitalistNow allows the hospitalist to virtually visit with the patient and provide a thorough examination. The patient and the doctor can see and hear each other, creating an opportunity to discuss health concerns and care plans without requiring the patient to be transferred to a different facility.

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