In-Home Therapy services at Penn Highlands Healthcare at Home

In-Home Therapy

Penn Highlands Healthcare at Home In-Home Therapy

Our certified physical, occupational and speech therapists help people regain maximum independence following an accident or illness. Therapy visits by Penn Highlands Healthcare at Home allow a patient to focus on recovering and gaining strength in the comfort of home. Working in conjunction with the patient’s doctor, therapists provide the patient and caregivers with the tools and techniques needed to maintain progress once our in-home care has concluded.


In-Home Therapy Physical Therapy

Licensed physical therapists help individuals who have dysfunction of movement due to an illness, surgery or injury. They also can provide care to prevent the onset or progression of a disease or gait impairment. Physical therapists educate the patient and family on safety and mobility.

In-Home Therapy Occupational Therapy

Licensed occupational therapists use training and assistive devices to help individuals get better with activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, and bathing. The goal is for the patient to participate as independently as possible in his daily activities.

In-Home Therapy Speech Therapy

Licensed speech therapists help improve communication problems resulting from stroke, accidents, disease, illness or developmental delays. They help improve swallowing skills and teach strategies to help reduce the risk of complications.

How To Start Services

A family doctor or specialist must approve home health and therapy services. To qualify for home health rehabilitation services the patient must have a condition or disability that keeps him from leaving the home or that requires a great deal of assistance in doing so. Contact us at 1-800-841-9397 to request therapy services.