TenJet Tendinitis Treatment

Do You Need TenJet Tendinitis Treatment?

TenJet Tendinitis Treatment

If you’ve suffered from jumper’s knee, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, or bursitis, these are all forms of a condition known as tendinitis. Tendinitis occurs when a tendon becomes irritated, inflamed, or suffers microscopic tears. For many people, in addition to the discomfort, the toughest part about tendinitis is that it’s caused by the activities we love or the normal wear and tear of everyday life.

TenJet: Microinvasive Tendinitis Relief

Before, most tendinitis could only be treated with tenotomy surgery. Now, TenJet has emerged as a microinvasive—meaning even less than minimally invasive—outpatient solution to target the source of chronic tendon pain with many of the same benefits as surgery.

How Does TenJet Work?

The TenJet technology uses a pressurized, high-velocity stream of saline that shoots from a needle which passes through a pinpoint incision in the skin to flush the degenerative tissue out and remove it. With ultrasound imaging, your provider trained in performing with the TenJet technology will navigate the needle to access the site of tendinitis while preserving healthy tendon. Patients can typically undergo a local anesthetic, and many TenJet procedures are complete in under 30 minutes.

Who Is A Candidate for TenJet?

This technology is for just about anyone. Patients who have undergone the TenJet procedure have ranged from teen athletes to patients in their nineties.

What Is Recovery Like After TenJet?

The device delivers fast results, can be closed with medical tape or a bandage (no stitches), and comes with a typical recovery time of just one day until the patient can return to their normal activity. Not surprising, most find this to be a more desirable timeline than it takes to recover from surgery. While other more invasive procedures might leave some patients with scarring or some degree of pain, TenJet allows patients with a wide range of circumstances to return to their favorite activities.

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