Behavioral Health Hospital

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Behavioral Health Fact Sheet

Patients with behavioral health needs are critically underserved in Northwestern/Central Pennsylvania and beyond. To address this need in our region, the expansion of our current facility at Penn Highlands DuBois East will create a 126-bed campus providing a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health services. 

The campus will feature:

  •  A new walk-in urgent care center specific to behavioral health issues
  • Outpatient behavioral health services
  • A Child/Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit
  • Adult Behavioral Health units
  • A new dual diagnosis unit for patients who need behavioral health services as well as drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation
  • A new kitchen, new cafeteria for staff and a new patient cafeteria, which will also have a courtyard. The atrium of this addition will have a greenhouse appearance to provide a tranquil feel. The addition will also take into consideration patient privacy with outpatient and admission.

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